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SEIU Healthcare Local 1 Canada: WorkersFirst Digital Hiring Hall

SEIU Healthcare is the most progressive and innovative union in Canada. One of our values is collaboration which is focused on uniting and working together to reach our goals. For most unions, collaboration is limited to their membership. Of course, we will always be laser focused on our members, however, we continue to turn our mind to how we can build valuable partnerships with other stakeholders and work together for the benefit of the entire healthcare system. Our province has a health human resources crisis that continues to have a harmful impact on our members, healthcare operations, and residents. Recently, we have established SEIU Healthcare Training Centre to partner with employers on workforce development to build and maintain the high-quality sustainable workforce that residents and their families need and deserve.

One of the components of our training centre is our digital hiring hall which is a union solution that makes sure an SEIU Healthcare member gets the opportunity to work once the seniority list has been exhausted and a temporary agency would otherwise be called. Our technology platform, called WorkersFirst, matches thousands of our members that are available to work with employers who want to access a well trained and trusted workforce as an alternative to the burden of costly temporary staffing agencies. From these thousands of members, we then create a customized pool of high quality and trusted union members for each workplace that make sure our members and residents get the support they need.

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As a union, we believe that the solution to the staffing crisis is continued investments a high-quality permanent workforce with union benefits. Unfortunately, government, employers, and other stakeholders have failed to solve the problem. So, our union will. WorkersFirst is a movement. A movement to push harmful agencies to the sidelines and replace their antiquated high-profit, anti-union, race to the bottom business model with a union workforce that have strong wages, health care, retirement security, and other member benefits. Over a thousand of our members have joined our digital hiring hall because they believe in our movement for change. Hundreds more have joined the union through this work.


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