Join The Movement

SEIU Healthcare represents healthcare workers, so we understand your unique challenges. We can empower you to stand up to your employer, create a safer work environment and help you gain access to better pay and benefits. Fill out our online form or call us at 1-800-975-4446 to take the first step towards solving your workplace issues and join a union in Ontario.

SEIU Healthcare has been active in Ontario’s labour movement for over 75 years. In that time, we have organized over 60,000 healthcare workers, contributed greatly to the pay equity movement, enhanced countless collective agreements, helped establish pension plans in thousands of nursing homes, won large pay increases, and so much more.

Why Join a union in Ontario?

Unions give you the support and help you need to be in control at work. You can take on your boss without the fear of losing your job.

International Strength and Solidarity

International Strength and Solidarity

All SEIU Healthcare members’ dues stay right here in Ontario to support and advocate for you.

Being an international organization allows us to support you in ways that other unions just cannot do!

Unique Servicing Model

Unique Servicing Model

Our dedicated union representatives are actively engaged and advocating for our members. One of the benefits of SEIU Healthcare’s servicing model is that our labour experts work for the union not your employer. Therefore, they can freely represent you without any fear of repercussions in their own job. Our union representatives have NO conflict of interest!

Advanced Member Service Centre (MSC) Platform

Advanced Member Service Centre (MSC) Platform

Our MSC staff are available Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. by phone, SEIU Mobile App, or by email. You can easily live chat or call the MSC when you have work place issues, want to learn more about upcoming union events, or to update your contact information.

We have your back in this pandemic

It takes healthcare workers to deliver quality patient care. And it takes a healthcare-only
union to fight for your safety and security.
That’s why SEIU Healthcare is laser focused on serving only workers in the healthcare sector, it’s what we’ve done for over 70 years and why we’ve got the most experienced team to service your needs at the most critical time in your career. Your SEIU Healthcare team is ready when you need protection the most.

A department to win your WSIB case should you get sick or injured in the workplace:

A government relations team to call out the government when confusing directives leave workers vulnerable:

  • We win over $1 million a year in claims for hospital workers who are forced off of work due to workplace illness/injuries including back/shoulder injuries, mental stress, and COVID-19.
  • We sued the government and won better protections and PPE access, including N95s, for hospital workers
  • We are fighting to get Bill 124 repealed so that healthcare workers receive the wage increase they need and deserve, especially during the pandemic.
  • We are advocating for better health and safety conditions in every sector to create a more secure and inclusive workplace.
SEIU Savings

SEIU Healthcare members receive reduced rates on popular products and services. Savings include: home and auto insurance, cell phone plans, retail products, events, long-term care insurance, critical illness insurance plan, union members mortgage planning program, life insurance, real estate members’ savings program, and lots more.

How much does it cost to join a union?

It’s only 1.8% of your pay & absolutely 100% tax deductible

No Hidden Fees

You only start paying dues after we help you finalize a contract with your employer. There are no hidden fees or other charges.

A Coffee A Day

Let’s put things in perspective: to get all the benefits and advantages SEIU Healthcare has to offer, you pay 1.8% of your pay, which is equal to the price of a daily cup of coffee.

Fees Are Capped

We understand that you sometimes make more money due to scheduling and hours. You won’t always have to pay higher dues because $99 is the maximum possible monthly fee.

Sophia Bent

No matter what the situation is I can call our Member Service Centre, and they will always direct me to the appropriate person or department. During COVID-19, they have been very helpful with all my health and safety inquiries.

Sophia Bent, Dietary Aide
Carmencita Dollete
My workplace joining the SEIU Healthcare was the best thing that happened to all of us! They help with job security, seniority, and provide us with fair representation. We no longer feared termination and knew we had a voice at not only the employer’s table, but at all levels of government.
Carmencita Dollete, PSW
Larry Kobos, DSW
SEIU Healthcare has achieved better wages and given us access to a pension at our workplace. They continue to educate us on our rights and show us how powerful we are when we stand in solidarity.
Larry Kobos, DSW
Marlene Long, RPN
The union played a major role in securing a position in the orthopedic clinic on the emergency floor by highlighting my seniority. Today, I am told that I have mastered orthopedic skills and I am great mentor for those entering the profession.
Marlene Long, RPN

I attended the weekend leadership academy, where I met our Nursing Division President, Jackie Walker. She motivated me and my interest in the union grew. I loved being an active member and I participate whenever I can. I started to develop professionally, got the education and communication skills I needed.

Holly, RPN
I have had the opportunity to participate in Lobby Days and meet several MPPs. The union has given me the education and encouragement to set up these meetings on my own and use my voice in the political setting to advocate for my fellow nurses.
Sheena, RPN
Camille, RPN
I am an introvert, someone who always sticks to myself, but now, the union allowed me to come out of my shell. I feel like I have improved my listening skills, I have become more open-minded, and feel more outgoing.
Camille, RPN