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What’s a union?

A union protects, guides and supports a group of workers who have chosen to come together to improve their quality of work and job security.


It can be easy to feel isolated and alone, but together with your colleagues you have tremendous collective power.


A union will provide the support and safety to stand up to your boss, make sure you are heard and get the respect you deserve.


We fight for you in bad times and help you grow in good times by providing you access to resources, training, education and benefit programs.

Why Do I Need A Union?

Unions give you the support and help you need to be in control at work. You can take on your boss without being scared of losing your job.

We Empower You

We Empower You

You don’t have to feel alone during bad times at work. We will be there to provide advice and support for every work issue you might face so you can feel safe.

We Help You Take Control

We Help You Take Control

Your employer will not be the only decision-maker. We will help you level the playing field by giving you the collective power to decide on what’s best for you at work.

We Amplify Your Voice

We Amplify Your Voice

You deserve to be heard. We will make sure that your boss listens to you and that you are heard loud and clear by your employer, your community and the policy-makers.

Get a Better Wage

Get a Better Wage

You can get paid more and deserve to get paid more! We provide you with the job stability you need to do the job you love. We will help you negotiate better pay and benefits.

Find Justice at Work

Find Justice at Work

We know how important justice and respect are for you. We will give you the structure and the tools to stand up to your boss, find the justice that you seek, and the respect that you deserve at work.

Get Access to Benefits

Get Access to Benefits

Our commitment to you goes beyond helping you achieve better working conditions. We will also make sure that you have access to the best benefits that will help you grow and save your money.

What Can SEIU Healthcare Do For You?

We are exclusively a healthcare union.
We live it.
We love it.
We understand it.


SEIU Healthcare is like every other union; they won’t do much for us. Bust this myth


SEIU Healthcare is not like other unions, but rather a specialized Healthcare union that shares our values and understands our concerns. They understand the challenges we face on the job and know the limitations of the healthcare system.

Unions will make us strike, and that’s bad for our pockets and clients! Bust this myth


A strike is a right that we decide on collectively and can exercise to get what we want when we need to. The union does not make decisions for us, instead providing the tools and options that will help us find justice and respect at work.

Unions are after my money. Bust this myth


It’s very simple, We pay 1.8% of our monthly salary to get representation, protection, job security and stability. That’s about the same price as a daily cup of coffee! Additionally, our dues are 100% tax deductible, which makes it practically free.

Unions protect bad workers and do not allow good workers to shine. Bust this myth


The union protects our right to work in a stable, healthy and safe environment that gives us the strength to address workplace issues and have opportunities for growth. Their job is to protect us and to protect our workplace, which leaves no room for bad workers.

You’re probably wondering, what’s in it for me? Simple: Malpractice Insurance. What’s more, my union pays for it in full.

As a Registered Nurse, my union knows how much I put towards my license, and they’ve made my protection and development their priority. Not only that, SEIU Healthcare also supports me as I loyally serve my clients and community. - RN

The best decision I ever made at work was bringing in SEIU Healthcare as my union.

I’m able to come to work each day with a smile on my face knowing that SEIU Healthcare gave me the chance to negotiate the best possible contract and employment standards with my company. They made a difference not only for me, but for my colleagues and future colleagues as well. - RPN

It’s not only about contracts and employment standards.

Through SEIU Healthcare’s member education program, I’ve been able to better myself, learning and upgrading skills such as public speaking, communication, recruitment, political activism, mentoring and facilitation. These are skills I can use not only in my workplace, but in my everyday life as well. - RPN

I have confidence that my team of professionals works for me and my benefit.

Like any relationship, it’s normal to experience ups and downs with your union. But with my union, SEIU Healthcare, it’s a definite two-way street. We maintain a healthy dialogue and work together to strengthen our partnership. - PSW

Have you ever asked yourself, why do I need a union, and how will it improve my working conditions?

I can tell you that my union not only improved my work life, but also changed my whole life for the better. SEIU Healthcare gave me the opportunity to take a stand, develop my leadership skills, and amplify my voice at work and in my community. - PSW

With my union by my side, going to work feels much less stressful.

SEIU Healthcare has made my priorities their priorities. The fact that they consider my work-life balance a necessity to continue excelling at work leaves me empowered and reassured. - PSW

How much does it cost?

It’s only 1.8% of your pay & absolutely 100% tax deductible

No Hidden Fees

You only start paying dues after we help you finalize a contract with your employer. There are no hidden fees or other charges.

A Coffee A Day

Let’s put things in perspective: to get all the benefits and advantages SEIU Healthcare has to offer, you pay 1.8% of your pay, which is equal to the price of a daily cup of coffee.

Fees Are Capped

We understand that you sometimes make more money due to scheduling and hours. You won’t always have to pay higher dues because $99 is the maximum possible monthly fee.

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