Richmond Hill, Ontario — SEIU Healthcare, a union bargaining on behalf of more than 17,000 workers in Ontario’s hospitals, released results of a survey that shows Doug Ford and the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) are undermining frontline staff.

The survey shows that 96% of hospital workers with SEIU Healthcare overwhelmingly back the bargaining committee’s decision to reject a poisoned offer from the OHA over the past weekend that would have resulted in real wage cuts for hospital staff when accounting for inflation.

Alarmingly, the results shows that a full half (50%) of all members surveyed would leave and seek employment outside of Ontario’s hospitals in pursuit of higher wages if a contract adhered to Doug Ford’s anti-worker wage restraint legislation, formally known as Bill 124.

Nine-in-ten hospital members (92%) disagreed with the OHA’s use of taxpayer funds to run its paid promotional campaign on Twitter rather than use those hospital resources to support staff and patient care.

When asked how they might vote in the upcoming provincial election, 85% indicated they would vote for change. Only 6% indicated they would vote to re-elect Doug Ford’s government. Nine per cent of hospital workers surveyed indicated either they cannot vote or will not vote.


“After two long years of selflessly serving the people of Ontario in our hospitals during a crushing pandemic, staff rejected an offer from the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) they felt was demeaning, dispiriting, and not in keeping with the safe and secure jobs they need to deliver quality care. Ontario’s health human resource crisis will only get worse as a result of the anti-worker offer from the OHA and that means patient care will suffer and long wait times for hospital services will persist. Regrettably, the OHA decided they would rather use taxpayer money on promotional Twitter advertising instead of putting that money into supporting staff to address the historic backlogs in critical care. Hospital workers learned this week that the OHA is more interested in looking good than doing good, just like Doug Ford. We continue to call on the OHA to bargain a better outcome for patients, staff and care.” – Sharleen Stewart, President, SEIU Healthcare