We wanted to update you on additional ways we’re working to serve you as a valued member of North America’s largest and most powerful union: Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

As long-term care chains, and home and community care corporations grow larger and larger, and while hospitals merge and also grow larger, it’s more important than ever that healthcare workers are served by a union with the scale and size to fight back against attacks and cuts.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that Sharleen Stewart and Tyler Downey, our SEIU Healthcare President and Secretary-Treasurer, have been elected at our SEIU Convention by member-leaders to serve on the SEIU International Executive Board as International Vice-President and to the SEIU International Board of Auditors, respectively.

In the middle of a public health crisis and ongoing economic uncertainty, the 2-million-member strong SEIU has the ability to reach across borders to stand up to multi-national corporations on behalf of hardworking members.

The reach of your union means you’re at the centre of a pro-worker agenda fighting to increase wages in all states and provinces, create more full-time work in all sectors, and deliver the PPE and pensions you need to stay healthy and secure.

As SEIU celebrates our 100-year history of fighting for worker justice, this exciting news is a stamp of approval on the ongoing work of our local leadership. Together, we won’t stop fighting for you.

In solidarity,

SEIU Healthcare