Richmond Hill, Ontario — The following statement can be attributed to SEIU Healthcare president, Sharleen Stewart:

“SEIU Healthcare welcomes the federal government’s commitment today of $1.709 billion to invest in personal support workers (PSWs) and care workers like them who support our vulnerable loved ones.

This funding marks a giant step forward towards achieving a $25 per hour national minimum wage for all PSWs across Canada.

Our message to provincial and territorial governments is simple: the time for excuses is over—it’s time to raise wages for PSWs and provide better healthcare jobs—it’s time for $25 for Canada’s PSWs and all underpaid healthcare workers like them.

We call on Canada’s premiers to accept this money and raise wages for healthcare workers immediately because good healthcare jobs mean better care for seniors and patients.

Canada’s health human resources are in crisis and workers on the frontline are demanding that all governments invest in safe staffing levels. That’s why SEIU Healthcare will never stop fighting for all healthcare workers who are overworked and underpaid, and with action from all levels of government we can end the exploitation of women in the care economy more broadly, and all healthcare workers in particular.”