Are you interested in learning how SEIU is addressing Gender Discrimination?

Are you passionate about the current gender wage gap that exists in the healthcare industry?

We are excited to introduce our Pay Equity Mentorship Program.

This program is designed to educate and enhance your understanding of the pay equity process in Ontario.

One member will be selected to learn from SEIU Healthcare’s Pay Equity Specialists, working towards establishing equal pay for work of equal value in SEIU-represented workplaces.

The mentorship will run for approximately six months, beginning in September 2024 and ending in February 2025.

For your application to be eligible you must complete the following three steps.

You must:

  • 1
    Review the Mentorship Program Requirements
  • 2
    Review the ‘Pay Equity Program Overview’ presentation
  • 3
    Fill out the application

Step 1: Review the Mentor Program Requirements

Leave of Absence Description:

Thank you for showing your interest in SEIU Healthcare’s Pay Equity Leave Mentorship Program. This program features a six-month leave of absence from your current workplace. The successful applicant will work alongside SEIU’s own Pay Equity Specialists, gaining valuable insight into the importance of equal pay for work of equal value. This opportunity is exclusive to SEIU members. The leave of absence will run from September 2024 to February 2025.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Help fellow SEIU members achieve and maintain pay equity at their workplace.
  • Attend various member pay equity training sessions.
  • Attend Pay Equity Arbitration & Tribunal Hearings.
  • Alongside Pay Equity Specialists, engage with Review Officers at the Pay Equity Commission.
  • Gain exposure to the strategic thought process and preparation associated with each active pay equity file.
  • Collaborate with various job evaluation and ratings committees across SEIU’s bargaining units.
  • Support the Pay Equity Specialist in their day-to-day duties.
  • Attending department meetings and debriefs related to pay equity files.
  • Support member education and any campaign-related tasks associated with Pay Equity.


  • Pay Equity Self-Assessment.
  • Review the Pay Equity Presentation in Step 2
  • Submission of a summary detailing your interest in learning more about the pay equity process (max 500 words).
  • Approved Leave of Absence from your employer.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office – preferred
  • Strong interpersonal skills and verbal skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Time management skills
  • High level of concentration
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Positive interactions with fellow healthcare workers and SEIU members

Application Deadline:

  • Applications, including all prerequisites, are due by July 8, 2024. The successful applicant will be contacted following the application period.
  • A leave of absence will be submitted to your employer following completion of the application and selection process.

Hybrid model, two (2) days remote and three (3) days in the field. The individual enrolled in the mentorship program must be able to work out of one of SEIU’s regional offices.

Hours of Work
The position will require an average of eight (8) hours per day, which may include evenings and weekends.

The successful candidate will be compensated in accordance with their existing straight-time wage rate in accordance with their workplace Collective Agreement.

Step 2: Review the Pay Equity Presentation

Step 3: Fill out the application