Since the Ontario government announced it was going to provide pandemic pay to frontline healthcare workers, SEIU Healthcare has been leading the discussions with the government to ensure all healthcare workers, including clerical, ward clerks, MDRD, and others, are included.

During our Hospital Appreciation Car Rally, we drove around Queen’s Park, where SEIU Healthcare members and staff were joined by several MPPs who came out to the lawn to show their support for our campaign, including one MPP who held our sign reading ‘pandemic pay for all healthcare workers’.

Today, we are taking the next step in our campaign to demand that the government provides pandemic pay to all healthcare workers by launching our Pandemic Pay Petition. SEIU Healthcare knows how vital you are in our health systems that serve our communities and it is time the government sees just how many of you that they have excluded in their decision.

Please take a moment to sign our petition demanding pandemic pay for ALL healthcare workers.

We encourage you to share this with your coworkers, family, and friends. The more signatures we can collect, the louder and stronger we can be when lobbying the government. Your union will not stop fighting for you, especially when you are on the frontline protecting the public from COVID-19. We are very grateful to have such a dedicated and brave membership. Thank you for everything you do to keep Ontario safe.