Nurses remain significantly undervalued by the government, and we believe a one-time signing bonus won’t work to retain and recruit nurses who are asking for long-term predictability and support.

We need a plan that works to fix the real problems that undermine our public healthcare system, including the immediate repeal of Bill 124. We need to be able to negotiate wage increases that reflect the hard work and sacrifices of nurses and other healthcare workers.

Here is what we know about the retention bonuses so far. If new information becomes available, it will be updated here.

While SEIU Healthcare believes all healthcare workers deserve the retention bonus, only Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses and Nurse Practitioners are currently eligible. We continue to advocate for more professions to be included.

To get the bonus you must be working or on a paid leave of absence during the eligibility periods.

It’s $5000 split into two payments of $2500. You’ll get this amount if you work full time during eligibility periods.

Eligibility for First Payment: February 13- March 19, 2022

First Payment in April or May 2022.

Eligibility for Second Payment: March 20 – April 22 and be working on September 1, 2022

Second Payment in September 2022.

It is pro-rated. If you are casual or part-time and work full-time hours during these eligibility periods, you will receive the full amount. If you work less than full-time, the amount will be pro-rated based on the hours you worked.
Unfortunately, anyone on unpaid leave during these periods is not eligible for the retention bonus.

You must be working or on paid leave (ex., Parental leave, vacation, sick leave, bereavement leave, etc.).

The payments will come directly from your employer