October 6, 2021 – Frontline hospital service workers at Blanche River Health have voted to have Canada’s Healthcare Union, SEIU Healthcare, represent them following a merger between Kirkland & District Hospital and Englehart & District Hospital.

From October 4-6, service workers at both sites have been voting through a PSLRTA (Public Sector Labour Relations Transition Act) to determine whether SEIU Healthcare, who was the union at Kirkland & District Hospital, or LIUNA, who represented workers Englehart & District Hospital, would serve as their union moving forward as part of Blanche River Health.

The results are in, and these workers have chosen SEIU Healthcare as their union of choice. We thank the workers of the Kirkland site for continuing to put their trust in us and welcome our new members from the Englehart site. We look forward to working together to create a stronger healthcare system.

“SEIU Healthcare is my union of choice because they have a proven track record of supporting healthcare workers and especially those working in northern Ontario. They know our issues and have our backs. I’m grateful they will continue to represent us and am excited to welcome our new colleagues from the Englehart site to the SEIU Healthcare family,” said Shirley Ducsharm, Medical Device Reprocessing, Blanche River Health