On March 20, 2024, more than 200 long-term care members across Ontario joined us at our Central Nursing Home Bargaining Conference.

Together, members elected your Bargaining Committee to represent you during upcoming negotiations. We shared our priorities for bargaining and our work to improve long-term care and stop Ford’s privatization plan.

Meet Your 2024 LTC Bargaining Committee

Region 1 – Telisha Laurin
Region 2 – Darcia Hall
Region 3 – Crystal Hutter
Region 4 – Beverley Weekes
Region 5 – Maureen Reid
Region 6 – Mary Miles
Region 7 – Amy Lenover
Region 8 – Tracy Keeler

Christine Outridge
Manpreet Aulakh
Lucy Charamba-Martinho

Kaimraj Dookie

Charles Omoregbe
Sophia Bent

Iaz Poolar

Edith Otieno

Nursing Committee Members
Junli Wang
Fritzie Prijoles

We are looking forward to working with the 2024 Bargaining Team! Please update your contact information to receive all the latest bargaining updates.