Every day, the MDRD cleans, sanitizes, decontaminates, inspects, sterilizes, assembles, and packages thousands of medical devices. With the COVID-19 pandemic still in Ontario, their workload and responsibilities continue to rise. Not only are they essential in infection prevention, but life-saving procedures and surgeries would not be able to take place without them.

SEIU Healthcare would like to thank all our MDR technicians. Their work may not always be visible to patients and their loved ones, but they continue to work tirelessly behind the scenes. We truly appreciate how committed they are to their profession. The MDRD play a vital role in patient care, everyday operations in our healthcare facilities, and in helping us get through this pandemic. Their courage and strength during these difficult times does not go unnoticed.

Jason Reynaert an MDR technician from Brant Community Healthcare System is currently on our Central Hospital Bargaining Committee. We are honoured to have him representing the MDRD at the bargaining table. Click on the video below for an important message.

This week, we hope everyone takes the time to recognize your MDRD and thank them for all their hard work and dedication. Once again, thank you for everything you do on the frontlines.