Ford Government’s Decision To Appeal Court Ruling Over Bill 124 Will Further Damage Healthcare Delivery In Ontario And Cost Families In Need Of Services

Richmond Hill, Ontario — Today, in the defence of his unconstitutional wage-restraint scheme, Bill 124, Premier Ford authorized the provincial government to waste taxpayer dollars to fight healthcare heroes and other public sector workers in court.

“Premier Ford’s anti-worker decision to appeal the ruling of Ontario’s Superior Court, which last month overturned Bill 124, is an attack on people serving on the frontline of care that will further damage healthcare delivery and cause already record wait times for health services to grow longer,” said Sharleen Stewart, president of SEIU Healthcare.

The Ontario PC government is undermining our public healthcare system and governing over its collapse, just as healthcare profiteering corporations like Shoppers Drug Mart (Loblaws Inc) post record profits. Doug Ford’s made-in-Ontario privatization scheme is designed to cost families more, so his rich friends get even richer.

Harmful attacks on workers. Longer wait times. Cancelled surgeries. Higher costs for families. This is Doug Ford’s healthcare plan in action.