This past weekend at our 2023 SEIU Healthcare Convention, delegates elected your 2024-2027 Executive Board.

Congratulations to all who were elected, shoutout to all those who put their names forward, and thank you to the 2020-2023 Executive Board for your amazing work that helped shape the present and future of this great union.

Your 2024-2027 SEIU Healthcare Executive Board:

Sharleen Stewart

Tyler Downey

Executive Vice President:
Jackie Walker

Long-Term Care:
Kelly Stephenson

Andy Brake

Home Care & Community Care:
Jodi Verburg

Shyanna Medicine

Gloria Turney

Larry Kobos

Workers of Colour:
Vivienne McDougall

Young Workers:
Samantha Lawton

Persons with Disabilities:
Briar Moore

Marg Bourgoin

Region 1:
Cathy Bishop

Region 2:
Marva Hird

Region 3:
Crystal Hutter

Region 4:
Vonetia Reid

Region 5:
Ellen Bekoe

Region 6:
Lisa Ryan

Region 7:
Catherine McAnally

Region 8:
Elma Lozano