Today, while over a hundred SEIU members at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre rallied against Doug Ford’s anti-worker laws, the Ontario Superior Court ruled Bill 124 unconstitutional!

This is a win for ALL workers. And a message to government: keep your hands off our rights to bargain a fair collective agreement.

As soon as Doug Ford passed his anti-worker legislation in 2019, SEIU Healthcare and ten other unions representing over 250,000 public sector employees took coordinated action to challenge Bill 124 in court.

Together, we organized hundreds of rallies, continued to call on MPPs, held press conferences, signed petitions, and every chance we got, we shared how much Bill 124 hurt workers like you on the frontline.


Just now, SEIU Healthcare union president Sharleen Stewart spoke on CP24 about why this is a big win for workers. And while the court has declared Bill 124 void and of no effect, we expect the Ford government to challenge this ruling, and that means we cannot let up our pressure on his government and your employer.

We will consult with our legal team and share more soon about what this means for your collective agreement. In the meantime, we must continue to push back and stand in solidarity. Just yesterday, the Ford Government voted against Paid Sick Days for the 28th time. Doug Ford is not for the people, he does not have your back, and we need to do everything in our power to fight back and hold him accountable for his unjust actions.

When we call on you for our next initiative or action, please show up! Great things can happen when we all work collectively for the change our healthcare system desperately needs.