Every three years, we hold our Nursing Division Convention, where nurses from across Ontario come together to elect our ND Executive Board, discuss nursing issues, and plan for the work ahead. We’re excited that our next one will take place this coming November!

Check out the video recap of the 2019 Nursing Division Convention in Volume 1 of Scrubs and Scopes, or read the article below. Later this year, watch out for our call for delegates.

SEIU Healthcare’s Nursing Division held its convention from November 21 to 22 at the Toronto Congress Centre. Nursing Division President Jackie Walker was acclaimed to serve another three-year term. It was an exciting two days where nurse leaders elected their new Nursing Division board, participated in education sessions and developed action plans to help improve the nursing profession and the healthcare system. The event featured guest speakers who informed attendees about important updates in the nursing profession. Over the next few issues, we will be providing you highlights from these talks to make sure all our nurses have access to this valuable knowledge.