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Long-Term Care Facilities Facing “Epidemic”

February 1, 2019 Mark Millard

Statement from SEIU Healthcare President Sharleen Stewart:

“As the union that represents the most long-term care workers in Ontario, the understaffing and health and safety issues highlighted by today’s CBC Marketplace story are unfortunately all-too-familiar to us. We have been speaking out and ringing alarm bells on these issues for over a decade. Understaffing has now become an epidemic in LTC facilities across the province and we continue to demand immediate solutions to this crisis. We are urging the Ontario government to work with us and the more than 24,000 frontline LTC staff we represent to establish a mandatory minimum hours of direct care for residents and additional funding to allow long-term care facilities to be staffed sufficiently. Until these changes happen, the health and safety of residents and staff in long-term care facilities will continue to be at serious risk.”

Read more: https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/long-term-care-marketplace-hidden-camera-1.4988317 

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