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The Accessible Canada Act Approved by House of Commons

June 5, 2019 Jessica Lagman

SEIU Healthcare is celebrating that as of Saturday, May 29, 2019, Bill C-81, the Accessibility Canada Act,  has been passed by the House of Commons and is awaiting the final requirement of obtaining a royal assent.

The Accessibility Canada Act enforces the equal and full inclusion of all persons, especially those with disabilities. The passing of this bill contributes to shaping Canada’s human rights system and helps us make significant changes on how society views those with disabilities within our communities and workplaces.

The Canada Labour Congress (CLC), along with their numerous allies, who have years of experience working with the disabilities rights community announced that they were pleased with the new updates on the proposed Accessibility Canada Act.

While not all recommendations and changes were made, there were key components that were acknowledged and received support from the government, which were:

  • A concise timeline to achieve a barrier-free Canada by 2040.
  • The development of laws, policies, services, and programs must recognize and meet the needs of the diverse discrimination that those with disabilities face.
  • In Canada, sign languages are officially recognized as the primary languages of communication by deaf persons.

As we recognize this milestone, SEIU Healthcare, the CLC, and those who continue to support the disabilities rights community are dedicated to advocating for more significant components in the Accessibility Canada Act to be enforced. We are all working together to ensure that Canada moves toward achieving a barrier-free society.

To learn more about Bill C-81 please click here.

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