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Nursing Division

SEIU Healthcare’s Nursing Division advocates for nurses in Ontario regarding professional practices, scope of practice and standards on the delivery of care by nurses. We're committed to providing Professional Liability Protection for all our RPN’s, RN’s, and nurse practitioners that are in good standing.

Jackie Walker

President of SEIU Healthcare’s Nursing Division

My name is Jackie Walker and I am the President of SEIU Healthcare’s Nursing Division. My job is to serve as our union's lead on initiatives in the delivery of healthcare by nurses in Ontario. During my time in this role I have had the opportunity to meet with many nurses and hear how they want the nursing division to serve them. I will continue with great enthusiasm to amplify and engage in issues that matter to SEIU Healthcare Nurses.

As a division, we have focused on professional practice issues, scope of practice clarity, and collaboration amongst RPNs, RNs and Nurse Practitioners. This understanding and collaboration is vital for us to successfully tackle issues like workplace violence. I commit to working with the elected board of dynamic nurses from across the province and the rank and file members of SEIU Healthcare who have a passion for strengthening the nursing profession.

As part of our commitment to ensuring that SEIU Healthcare members have the tools and resources to support professional practice requirements, SEIU Healthcare has committed to offering all SEIU Healthcare Nurses free Mandatory Malpractice Insurance (PLP). Visit our PLP site to sign-up for or renew your Personal Liability Protection Insurance or call our MRC at 1-877-MRC-SEIU (672-7348). If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page.

We are excited to announce that our Fifth Annual Quality Assurance Module “RN and RPN Practice: The Client, the Nurse and the Environment” is now available! This online version allows you to click on the module you would like to complete. Then, simply read through the module and document your answers. This exercise is for private, self-reflection only and you do not need to submit your answers to us or The College of Nurses of Ontario.

Quality Assurance modules from previous years are also now available online. Topics include: Quality Assurance Review, Documentation - How to Develop a Learning Plan; RHPA Overview, Self-Regulation and the Therapeutic Nurse Client Relationship; and Providing Culturally Sensitive Care.

It is very important to me that the direction we take starts from the visions of our membership. I would like to encourage you to take a short survey and give us feedback about your experience as a nurse. Bring your voice to the table with thousands of nurses who want to influence our roles in healthcare.


Nursing Division Board

Nursing Division President

Jackie Walker

Vice President of Hospital

Ashley MacRae

Vice President of Home Care & Community Care

Suzanne Churchill

Vice President of Long Term Care

Jocelyn Borras

Region 1 Representative
Sheena Woods

Region 2 Representative
Anna George

Region 3 Representative
Sandra Kendall

Region 4 Representative
Tanya Rahim- Juttlah

Region 5 Representative
Abie Osawe

Region 6 Representative
Rafal Fratczak

Region 7 Representative
Amy Lenover

Region 8 Representative
Gita Koushik

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