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New Government Support for Healthcare Workers

April 15, 2020 Mark Millard

We have heard from you throughout this crisis that you need more support. That’s why we’ve been aggressively calling on your governments in Ottawa and at Queen’s Park to support you on the frontline and telling them that you need more.

I’m pleased to share that today, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that the Canada Emergency Relief Benefit will be made available to everyone earning less than $1,000 per month. If you’re in homecare, and this now applies to you because of reduced client visits, you can access the CERB.

Further, the federal government will be providing the Ontario government with money specifically for long-term care workers who have lost shifts and are now earning less than $2,500 each month.

Details on how to apply for these new enhancements are still being finalized and we will post them on our website, www.seiuhealthcare.ca, and social media pages as soon as they are available.

We will continue fighting to ensure that every penny you lose during COVID-19 ends up back in your pockets, and not in those of the corporations you work for.

Thank you for the critical role you continue to play during this pandemic. We are proud to fight for the safety, security and respect you deserve during this difficult and unprecedented time.


Sharleen Stewart

SEIU Healthcare President

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