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LTC bargaining committee advocates for rights at arbitration

July 25, 2019 Joyce Lusunike

On July 22 and 23, our central long-term care bargaining committee and the central long-term care employers met with Arbitrator Jesin to argue why he should and should not entertain the remaining proposals.

Over these two days, the bargaining committee was joined by over 100 member volunteers who attended on their own time to show their support and observe the process.

The employers had a lot of concessionary proposals on the table, meaning they are looking to take away things our members have earned over the past years. The bargaining committee held firm in their stance that no concessions should be awarded.

We are extremely proud of our bargaining committee, who have fought hard all the way through the bargaining process and up to arbitration. They were committed to achieving gains and improvements for both our members and the residents they care for. The final contract is now in the hands of the arbitrator.

Arbitrator Jesin will render a decision and issue his award on or around August 9, 2019. This award will be final and binding and is not up for further dispute or negotiation.

Once we get the award, union representatives will schedule presentation meetings to advise members of the arbitrator’s decision. We will also communicate with you about the decision, so keep an eye on your emails and our social media pages.

Thank you again to our bargaining committee for all their hard work and to all the members who came out to support them and observe the process.

Regardless of the decision, SEIU Healthcare will continue to advocate and fight for improvements for both our members and their residents. Just because this round of bargaining has come to an end doesn’t mean our work is over, so keep an eye out for our next campaigns, initiatives, rallies and actions!

In Solidarity,

SEIU Healthcare

LTC Arbitration
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