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Participate in your local labour council

SEIU Healthcare encourages its members to get involved with their local labour council. A labour council is a group made up of local unions that advocate to make a difference for working people in the region. Labour councils are chartered by the Canadian Labour Congress.

Just as SEIU Healthcare makes a bigger impact when every member is engaged, communities are stronger when union members work together.

What does a local labour council do?

Labour councils may have different priorities and goals, but some of the things your local labour council might be doing, include:

  • Supporting the principles and policies of the Canadian Labour Congress
  • Providing strike solidarity with local unions;
  • Hosting charitable events and/or fundraisers for your community;
  • Advocating for improved labour laws, fair living wages, and pay equity;
  • Mobilizing for better community services, improved public transit, and access to affordable child-care; and
  • Creating networking opportunities.

Labour Council

How can you get involved:

Attend local meetings

Run to be on the executive board

Join a committee

Participate in labour council events and rallies

SEIU Healthcare members and their local labour council:

Many of our SEIU Healthcare members participate in their local labour council efforts and they recognize the important impact their labour councils have.

“By getting involved with the Peterborough and District Labour Council, I learned public speaking skills, discovered new ways to become more politically active, and found out about the issues facing my community such as precarious jobs and high rates of homelessness. Our labour council sponsors dinners at a community kitchen, joined in on the Women’s Marches, and we’ve participated in countless political rallies to make a difference for workers in our community. I have seen how unions together can strengthen the labour movement for all working class people.”

Greta Glanville, SEIU Healthcare member and Member-at-Large on the Peterborough and District Labour Council Executive Board.

“I think it is important to get involved with your local labour council because we are stronger when we work together. We must hold our politicians accountable to their promises and aim to improve our community. We need to achieve progress from the grassroots. I would also love to see more members of different ethnic backgrounds and more women participating in labour council to have a variety of voices at the table.”

Susan Conliffe, SEIU Healthcare member and Toronto and York Region Labour Council Women’s Committee member.

“Joining my local labour council opened my eyes to the issues within my community. I realized how significant it was to get involved, spread awareness, and create solutions. Being politically active on the council and helping my fellow brothers and sisters has motivated me to continue to bring more people to the table. My hope is that my commitment and passion encourages others to get more involved because there is strength in numbers.”

Margaret Bourgoin, SEIU Healthcare member and President, Quinte Labour Council Belleville.

Learn more

To find out more about your local labour council visit the
Ontario Labour Federation’s website for a list of regional labour councils across the province.


For more information about getting involved with your local labour councils, please contact Kristof Barocz, SEIU Healthcare Political Field Organizer by email at k.barocz@seiuhealthcare.ca.

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