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We know things will be a little different this Holiday season, so we’re going digital! We want to give you and your family an opportunity to share a special holiday message with your SEIU Healthcare family.

This can be done in the form of a written message, a drawing, or a video recording uploaded directly through out website. Scroll down for more info!

It’s simple! You can either write a quick holiday message OR upload a holiday drawing in the form below, or you can scroll down to record a 1-minute or less holiday video.

If you’re submitting a holiday message or drawing, here are some quick things you can include:

    • Be sure to include your first name
    • Introduce your family (if applicable)
    • Tell us how you’re spending the holidays
    • What do the holidays mean to you and your family as a healthcare worker?
    • You can also let your kids/family share a special holiday message
      • Why are you proud that your mom/dad/guardian is a healthcare worker?
      • What is the most important thing your mom/dad/guardian does as a healthcare worker?
      • What would you like healthcare workers to get this holiday season?
    • How would you show a healthcare worker that you appreciate them?

If you would like to include a Holiday drawing, you can attach it to your message.

Write a message or submit a drawing

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Record a video

A few tips:

  • Keep it personal. Your story is actually better when NOT scripted. Simply look at the camera – and start talking!
  • If you make a mistake or stumble, that’s perfectly fine
  • Remember to have the light shining on your face, not behind you
  • Be proud of your amazing family

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