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Celebrating Healthcare Foodservice Workers Week 2018

October 1, 2018 seiu

SEIU Healthcare is excited to celebrate Healthcare Foodservice Workers Week.

This is a great opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of the foodservice associates, the dishwashers, the servers, the chefs, the registered dietitians, and the other professionals in the field. These caring individuals help ensure that patients, families, and staff in healthcare facilities are kept fit and well-nourished.

Consuming nutritious, well-balanced meals has been proven to play a critical role in patients’ recovery while in hospital. So, we are grateful that these dedicated workers take the time to prepare and serve quality food. The healthcare foodservice team also makes sure the kitchens, cafeterias, and dining halls are kept at very high standards of cleanliness.

These workers partner with educational institutes to develop and improve recipes and some are even collaborating with near-by farmers to use fresh, local produce. These professionals also educate patients on the importance of nutritionally sound, socially just, and ecologically sustainable food practices.

From October 1-7, please take the time to thank the healthcare foodservice workers you know. You can tag them in this post or share it with them.

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