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Fighting To Get You The Respect and Recognition You Deserve

April 3, 2020 Mark Millard

As we told you earlier this week, we have been fighting for temporary wage premiums for all frontline healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The public is counting on you to protect them during this crisis and we believe that employers have a duty to recognize the increased dangers you are facing and compensate you accordingly.

This week in British Columbia, their Provincial Health Officer took control of staffing at nursing homes in the Vancouver area for the next six months, which will result in equal pay across the sector at higher than normal rates. We are calling on the Ontario government to take similar measures.

Employers in Ontario are not currently required by law to pay any additional premiums. While we continue to have discussions with the government, we are also bargaining with employers on an individual basis to get you the premiums you deserve.

To date, we have been successful in achieving this at dozens of units. The following employers have agreed to premiums for their employees:

  • Amica At Balmoral Club
  • Amica at Stoney Creek
  • Aramark at Balmoral
  • Blue Doors Shelter
  • Brantwood Residential Development Centre
  • Cheshire Homes – London
  • Cheshire Homes – Oxford
  • Community Living Walkerton
  • Community Living Welland/Pelham
  • Community Visions & Networking
  • Family Options
  • Halton Women’s Place
  • Hamilton YWCA
  • independent Living Services of Simcoe County
  • John Howard Society Toronto
  • Kawartha Participation Projects
  • Lions McInnes House
  • McCowan Retirement Residence
  • Mission Services
  • New Leaf Living and Learning
  • Niagara Support Services
  • ParaMed Windsor
  • Peel Seniors Link
  • Portal Village
  • Salvation Army – Halton Lighthouse
  • Salvation Army – The Homestead
  • Scarborough Retirement Residence
  • Season’s Bell Lane
  • Seasons Lakeshore
  • Seasons Royal Oak Village
  • St. Clair O’Connor
  • St. Joseph’s Motherhouse
  • Stamford Estates
  • Sunrise of Unionville
  • The Leaside
  • West Oak Village
  • Women’s Place – St. Catharines & District
  • Women’s Place of South Niagara – Nova House
  • Women’s Place of South Niagara – Serenity Place

We are relying on these as precedents as we navigate through this uncharted time to bargain with employers who have thus far been unwilling to compensate you for the increased dangers and risk you are facing. While unfortunately we cannot force an employer to offer you a premium during this pandemic, we continue to call on the Ontario Government to mandate it and we are doing everything we can to put pressure on all parties.

Thank you again for the critical role you continue to play during this pandemic. We are proud to continue to fight for the safety and respect you deserve during this difficult and unprecedented time.


SEIU Healthcare

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