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Adding A Facebook Frame To Your Profile

March 23, 2020 Mark Millard

Here is how to use our customized frame and add it to your Facebook profile picture. The entire process takes less than one minute! Here’s how to do it in 3 simple steps:

Note: You must “like” SEIU Healthcare on Facebook, and be logged into your account, in order to have access to the frame

1. To find the post, go to “Update your profile photo” and then click “add frame”.

2. Once you access the post, simply click the “Try It” button in the bottom right corner under the photo. It will take you to the “Change Your Profile Picture” page

3. This is where you customize your photo to fit the frame. You can simply use your current profile picture, or change it to a new one. You may also zoom in and out using the (+ / -) bar directly below the template. You can also set a time limit for using this special frame. Once you’re satisfied with any adjustments, simply click the blue “Use As Profile Picture” button in the bottom right. Your profile picture will change right away.

Here is what your new profile picture will look like:

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