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Central Long-term Care Bargaining Committee

April 29, 2019 Jessica Lagman

Introducing your Central Long-term Care Bargaining Committee

Executive Board Member: Lisa Pattison

Hello, I’m Lisa Pattison and I will be at the bargaining table because I am your Long-term Care Executive Board member. I’m a dietary aide at Grace Villa Hamilton Nursing Home. I have been gearing up for long-term care bargaining since I was elected to the Executive Board three and a half years ago. I’m ecstatic to see that so many members are rallying for resident care!  I’m also an SEIU Healthcare Wave Team leader, so I have been going to many different LTC units and I have heard our members challenges. This will finally be the time that we work together toward positive change! This will be my fourth time on a bargaining committee. I’m hoping that with my experience I will be able to help others find their voice and speak up about the issues that matter to them.

I really want to advocate for our part-time members to increase their benefits. I also want to see an extra PSW shift added, so a new morning shift. I think the extra care would result in helping heatlhcare workers in all departments do their jobs more effectively.


Region 1: Joan Beverley

Hello, I’m Joan Beverley, your Region 1 representative. I’m a PSW at Longfield Manor Long Term Care in Ottawa. This is my second time on the bargaining committee and I’m here to finish what I started. I was frequently talking to management about issues in our workplace and it was actually my manager who suggested I become a steward. Since becoming a steward, I have gained more confidence, especially because I have seen results.  My experience with bargaining will be useful at the table, and also that I am someone who does their research, I’m straightforward, and I’m a team player. I’m very driven, I don’t stop!

I’m always telling people that if they see something that isn’t right, they need to say something about it. I want all members in LTC to know that bargaining alone won’t work, we need people out rallying and making noise to really make a difference.



Region 2: Marva Hird

Hello, I am Marva Hird and I’m your elected committee member for Region 2. I work at Chartwell Ballycliffe Long Term Care in Ajax as a PSW. I am passionate about being a leader and am ready to take a stand. In the past 12 years that I have been working in long-term care, I have not seen anyone rise to the occasion and be the leader we need to improve the poor conditions in our workplace. I wanted to join the committee because I know I can be the leader we need! When I was at the rally on April 2, I felt motivated to move toward what we want and rightfully deserve. Our part-time nurses should be treated fairly and should have the same benefits our full-time nurses have, we should not have a shortage of supplies, or work in dangerous conditions. I feel ready to overcome all the obstacles ahead of us. For too long, we have been undervalued, it’s time for our voices to be heard and to make a difference.



Region 3: Margaret Sudnik

I’m Margaret Sunik, your elected committee member representing Region 3. I have been a PSW for 28 years and I’m currently working at Revera in Orillia. I am a union steward and a member of the Health and Safety Committee. I have participated in audits at my care centre and constantly share my knowledge and experience through coaching my fellow colleagues.

I decided to join the bargaining committee because I felt like it was time to use my voice and help not only myself but others working in long-term care. We deserve better wages for both full-time and part-time staff, better benefits, and more staff to change the unreasonable ratio of one nurse to 14 residents! I am ready to speak up for what is right and willing to work hard for what we need to accomplish.



Region 2: Kelly Stephenson

I’m Kelly Stephenson and I’m your Region 4 representative on your bargaining committee. I’m a PSW from Deerwood Creek Care Community in Etobicoke, Ont. Instead of getting ready to work hard, I stay ready. I’m fired up and ready to go for collective bargaining. We need to experience a lot of changes in long-term care. We are all tired of working short, being undercompensated, and experiencing unsafe conditions in our workplaces. Sick days need to be 100% paid, instead of only 85% coverage. We are caring for people, so we should not be coming in to work sick ourselves. We need to be able to take our vacation days rather than being told that there are no staff to cover us on our time off. Our wages need to increase because we work just as hard as the frontline workers in the hospital sector, but we are paid less. I’m bringing my personal, first-hand experience to the bargaining table. I’m not afraid to speak up and voice my concerns.


Region 5: Abiemwense Osawe

Hello, I am Abiemwense Osawe, your elected bargaining committee member for Region 5. I am a BSO RPN lead at Extendicare Halton Hills. It is my responsibility to work with and educate my colleagues about residents who are living and coping with responsive behaviours or mental illnesses. I hope to use my knowledge, experience, and leadership skills to be the voice for those members who are experiencing burnout, overworked, and scared. I am a born leader both inside and outside of my workplace and I feel confident when speaking to management. I am fighting for better procedures for vacation time, better benefits, 100% sick leave and for part-time staff who can feel forgotten and underappreciated. I love what I do, and I am ready to defend our residents and staff!



Region 6: Tania Marsh

I’m Tania Marsh, your elected committee member for Region 6. I am a dietary aide at Chartwell Niagara Long Term Care Residence. I have been working in the long-term care sector since 1999 and a steward for more than six years. This my first time participating in collective bargaining. I decided to run because I feel like whenever we have approached our management with any concerns, we have been ignored and nothing has changed. Just recently, I became a single mother. My life has changed significantly, and I know that it will be very difficult for me to provide for my family on a single income. I have had enough, and I need to fight for every member in healthcare to be paid just and fair wages. We need new, strong language in our collective agreement that reflects the meaningful changes we need to see in our workplaces.



Region 7: Amy Lenover

Hello, I am Amy Lenover, your elected representative for Region 7! I have been a chief steward for 13 years in my workplace Franklin Gardens Long Term Care in Leamington, Ont.  and I have been an RPN for 19 years. I am also the RAI Coordinator, which means that I oversee the assessment of every resident’s needs every quarter to determine how much funding the home will receive. Although it is my first time on a bargaining committee, I have years of experience dealing with the communication and negotiations between staff and management. I’m getting involved with the bargaining process to ensure that our collective agreement will be updated for the better. I know that with my knowledge in local negotiations and leadership skills that I will be an asset to this committee. I am hoping we see changes in every single department, because everyone in healthcare deserves more RESPECT.



Chartwell: John Daige

Hello, I’m John Daige, your representative from Chartwell. I’m a PSW at Ballycliffe Long Term Care Residence in Ajax. This is my first time on a bargaining committee, and I’m here to demand that workers in long-term get more respect. We are not just a number, we are human beings! I got involved with the bargaining process and with our union because I had been complaining a lot about the changes we need. I decided to speak up and to take action. At the bargaining table, I would like to improve our benefits, because even if our compensation does not drastically increase, better benefits will help us stretch out our pay.

I want everyone to know that we are not powerless. Together, we have the power to enact change. I strongly believe we are going to achieve positive and meaningful outcomes during collective bargaining.


Revera: Annette Lucio

Hi everyone, I’m Annette Lucio. I hold the Revera seat on the bargaining committee. I’m a PSW from Blenheim Community Village in Chatham-Kent, Ont. This is my first time on the central bargaining committee and I’m happy that I will be able to keep my co-workers well connected to the bargaining process. I have been a chief steward for 17 years and I have negotiated local collective agreements. Because of this experience, I have strong relationships with my colleagues, and I know what they want.

We need to see a lot of changes in long-term care because our working conditions are horrendous. Because of short staffing levels, residents have to wake up too early, their beds don’t get made, and their moods are understandably affected.

I had first-hand family experience because my father, who recently passed away, was living in long-term care. I know if the nursing home would have had more staff, he would have had better quality of care.


Rykka: Sherryann Nair

I’m Sherryann Nair, your elected representative for Rykka. I have been working in long-term care since 2006 and I am currently working at Cooksville Care Centre in Mississauga, Ont. as an RPN. I was encouraged to join the committee by my chief steward, and I was inspired by the powerful movements that have been taking place leading toward the election. I want our management to know that we mean business and we plan to go head-to-head without any fear.

I understand that being apart of this committee is a big responsibility, and I hope that during this process I can motivate others in the Nursing Division, promote trust, and lend a helping hand wherever it is needed. I will be pushing for part-time workers because they deserve job security and steady hours! I will also be fighting for our residents because they deserve a lot more attention and proper care. I want to remind all of us to stand together united! Together we stand, divided we fall.


Sienna: Tesson Corlett

I’m Tesson Corlett and I’m your Sienna representative. I work part-time at Altamont Care Community and Bloomington Cove Care Community in Toronto. I need to work at two different homes to make a living and it is hard to keep track of my many residents’ needs. We are overworked and understaffed, so we don’t get to take our breaks or lunch. At the end of the day, I’m extremely tired and I’m not always sure I was able to give 100% to my residents. It weighs on me heavily and affects me mentally. I want to spend time with my family, but I bring my stresses home with me.

This is my first time on the bargaining committee, but I love new challenges. I am a people person and it is really important for me to get my point across. I really want to advocate for my co-workers and want positive change in our workplaces.



Standalone full-time: Dorothy Hartley

Hello, I am Dorothy Hartley and I am one of your elected committee members for standalone full-time. I work at Woodhall Park Care Community in Brampton, Ont.  I am a mother and a grandmother, and I want to ensure I do everything to create a better life for them.

I am a hard worker and I truly believe in our union. I am pleased to be on the committee because after 15 years of working in long-term care as a PSW, I wanted to learn more and educate others about the bargaining process. There are a lot of things that need to change, but more importantly we need to stop working short! Staff are coming in completely dead on their feet without feeling supported or compensated fairly. I finally can put my stubbornness to great use, I do not plan on backing down!



Standalone full-time: Michael Hall

I’m Michael Hall, your standalone full-time committee member! I am a cook working at Heritage Nursing Home in Toronto.  I was a representative on the bargaining committee in 2015 and now I am ready to get back to the table to settle some unfinished business.  Not only have I been on the bargaining committee, but I am an elected trustee, chief steward, co-chair of the Health and Safety Committee, and have 30 years of experience under my belt. I am hoping that this time around we make big changes for our members because the bottom line is, we need to be better compensated to be able to care for ourselves and our families! I see the stress and struggles we are experiencing in the healthcare system and I am ready to be as vocal as I need to be so that I can to make a difference! We need positive change, we must improve our workplace conditions and we must be able to provide the quality care our residents deserve!


Standalone part-time: Vivenne McDougall

I’m Vivienne McDougall your representative for standalone part-time. I have worked in long-term care for the past 28 years as PSW. I work at Grace Villa Nursing Home in Hamilton. I have a very calm demeanor, I like to really listen and observe others when they are sharing their stories. My interpersonal skills make me very approachable, emphatic, and I am very good at putting myself in other people’s shoes. I have strong negotiation and decision making skills, and I feel confident when I am advocating for others. Part-time workers are stressed and physically strained because they work just as hard as full-time time workers but are traveling to two or even three workplaces and do not get any recognition. There are so many issues that need to be corrected in healthcare, but most of all I hope that our management can show some empathy and care toward their employers.



Nursing seat: Jocelyn Borras

Hello, I am Jocelyn Borras and I hold one of the two nursing seats on the bargaining committee. I am an RPN working at Cooksville Care Centre in Mississauga, Ont. I was extremely grateful and excited when I was selected to be apart of the committee. I want to continue to be the kind of member who is encouraging and who educates others about how the union is constantly advocating for us! I know that I am ready to rise up and champion for my fellow brothers and sisters! I want our employers to recognize and respect all the hard work we put into our jobs each day! I want to leave work knowing we can disconnect from work and enjoy time with our families and friends, instead of worrying about my residents, colleagues, or if management will call me back in. I want all the frontline healthcare workers in long-term care to come into their workplace and feel comfortable and safe.



Nursing seat: Rosita Branch

Hello, I am Rosita Branch and I hold one of two nursing seats on the bargaining committee. I’m an RPN working at Extendicare Rouge Valley in Toronto. I may come off as a quiet person, but when I speak, you are going to want to listen to what I have to say. It is my first time on the committee, but I have worked in nursing homes and hospitals for more than 16 years. I am ready to see a change in how frontline healthcare workers are treated, better resident care, and for everyone in healthcare to be compensated properly! I am tired of working short, the daily overload of work, not being able to take a break or time off work when we are injured, and of the bullying and harassment from management. We deserve better, enough is enough.

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