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Celebrating Our Nurses: Holly Hilliard

May 14, 2018 seiu

Holly Hilliard is a registered practical nurse (RPN) at Headwaters Health Care Centre and is currently working towards her BScN in Registered Nursing at Nipissing University. She is passionate about giving back to her community and embraces constant transitions in her job.

“I always felt like it’s part of my personality to help people – it’s where I’m supposed to be. I’m also not someone who is able to sit still, so to me it makes sense being in a field where everything is always changing.”

Change doesn’t stop at nursing itself, however. Holly wishes for her patients to take charge of their own lives as well.

“When I’m nursing, I’m giving my patients something they need and also encouraging them to make changes because they need it, not because I’m personally benefitting from doing so.”

As an SEIU Healthcare member, Holly knows the importance of getting involved in her union and talks about how she contributes to political action:

“I volunteer as a union steward at my hospital, and I’m proud to be part of a very active union like SEIU Healthcare. I find politics and the whole process interesting; it feels empowering to know how things are going in the backend, because in knowing what the next contract could be, I can decide what to bring to negotiations and the labour movement to try and help our members as best as I can.”

She also believes in ongoing education, being a part-time student herself, and advises other nurses to do the same as the field continues to grow.

“The options for nurses are endless, in that you can choose what you want to learn and are always learning something new. It’s easy to get comfortable in a position you’re working in and doing mandatory training but increasing your body of knowledge helps you advocate for your profession.”

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