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Celebrating Labour Day 2020

August 26, 2020 Mark Millard

We know the pandemic may mean you won’t be able to participate in Labour Day events and show your union pride like in years past. As a result, we want you to provide a message to your SEIU Healthcare family.

Let us know how you got through the Pandemic, what you’re doing for Labour Day, and what being in a union means to you.

Here are a few tips and tricks for your video

Try to keep your video to a couple minutes (5 minutes max), look straight into the camera, and simply talk about things like this:

  • Say your first name and where you live.
  • Tell us about where you work.
  • What are you doing for Labour Day?

Your story is actually better when NOT scripted. Simply look at the camera – and start talking!

Have the light shining on your face, not behind you.

And have fun with it!

Check out the submissions!

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