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Celebrate Environmental Services And Housekeeping Week

September 10, 2018 Mark Millard

Let’s thank and celebrate our environmental services and housekeeping workers.

These are the professionals who tidy patient areas, washrooms, hallways, and offices to ensure that our healthcare facilities are spotless. These hardworking individuals are often out of the public eye and rarely get the recognition they deserve.

Environmental services and housekeeping workers clean and disinfect sinks, fixtures, door knobs, walls, and more to help stop the spread of germs. They also perform daily garbage pickup and disposal, while thoroughly sanitizing public and private areas to prevent infection.

This physically demanding job exposes these workers to hazardous chemicals and biohazards, but the healthcare industry depends on these professionals to make a difference in the lives of the patients they care for.

If you work in environmental services or housekeeping, we want to celebrate and recognize the work you do! Simply email us at communications@seiuhealthcare.ca with your name and workplace to be entered to win a prize.

Know someone who does outstanding work in environmental services or housekeeping? Email communications@seiuhealthcare.ca and tell us about them! Please include their name and workplace in your email to enter them in the contest.

Deadline for contest submissions is Monday, September 17th. All winners will be contacted no later than Friday, September 21st.

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