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December 13, 2018 Mark Millard

Introducing Your CarePartners Bargaining Committee


Hello, I’m Jodi Verburg and I’m your bargaining committee representative for Region 1, Thunder Bay and Algonquin. I have been a member with SEIU Healthcare for 10 years and I became increasingly more active with the union over the past few years. I am a chief steward and a member of SEIU Healthcare’s developmental services workers (DSW) committee. Through my involvement with our union, I have become a more confident, outspoken individual. I will not back down from confrontation when I know I’m advocating for what I believe is right.

This is my first time on a bargaining committee and I am happy to bring a new perspective to the process. I’m eager to create change. I want us to seek higher wages, more mileage, better communication between employer and employees, safer working environments, Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage, and a better procedure for reporting elderly abuse.




Hi sisters and brothers, I’m Nadina Cerone from Belleville. This is my second time on the bargaining committee as your representative from Region 2, Northumberland. I bring my experience from the first time I was at the table, as well as my ability to look at problems from multiple points of view to the committee. I always ask a lot of questions and aim to determine if a solution is truly beneficial for everyone.

During bargaining, I would like to ask for better mileage compensation, to still receive pay when a client cancels last-minute, adjusted wage scales so that new hires start at a more appropriate rate, and a pension plan. I also really want to see increased training for new hires—we need a better orientation package.




Hello, my name is Tammy Ladoucer. I’m from Orillia, and I have been an SEIU Healthcare steward for four years. I’m your bargaining committee representative for Region 3, Georgian Bay. I have been working at CarePartners for 14 years; this will be my second time at the table and I aim to hold our employer accountable.

I have witnessed my colleagues’ workplace challenges and want to address their frustrations through bargaining. I really think it is important to have a pension plan. We all deserve to retire with dignity. At this point, I will retire with a little dignity because I’m 50 years old with only 15 years left to save, and I’m starting from $0. I really want to encourage all CarePartners members to get engaged with the bargaining process. You are all the union and we are only as strong as the people supporting us.




Hi everybody, I’m Sherry Banks from Caledon. This will be my first time on your bargaining committee, representing Region 4, GTA. I want to see productive change, such as: living wages, realistic and meaningful benefits, a pension plan, and much-needed improved communication between employer and employee. In order to bring CarePartners into the future, everybody from the PSWs and management must be on board. We all need to share the same vision in order to progress. If not, we stagnate, but the world will change anyways.







I’m Gloria Turney, a steward with SEIU Healthcare and your bargaining committee member in Region 5, Hamilton and Halton. At CarePartners, we all suffer from the same setbacks, including scheduling gaps and unpaid hours. Because of this, it’s crucial that every member stands up for the needs of their sisters and brothers in politics.

I think it is important that the government determines quality of care and working hours. I would also like to see the government make homecare an essential service when long-term care and hospitals become limited in capacity and resources. My ultimate dream is to become an advocate for the clients we service in the political arena. I believe homecare needs to be a suitable working environment so that our clients receive the best care possible.




I’m Mona Hjort, a steward with SEIU Healthcare and your bargaining committee member in Region 6, Norfolk and Niagara. My main goal for the bargaining committee is to propose better pay, more mileage, and snow tires for when commuting becomes more difficult during the winter. I also want to negotiate two union contracts for Regency Long Term Care Home in Port Hope, one for benefits and the other for 12 paid sick days together with other members.

It is important to me that the next generation of workers has access to improved benefits and wages, meaningful pension plans, and a safe work environment. So, I am making sure to bring as much as I can to the table now.





I’m Sabrina Vanderhoeff, your bargaining committee member in Region 7, London and Southwest. I am a believer of self-advocacy. It is every member’s responsibility to raise concerns about everything from staff shortages to missing medical histories, so that we can bargain for reasonable working conditions and enhance patient care.

Every homecare worker deserves respect and acknowledgement for their dedication to their patients, and I will represent them in my endeavour to improve our workplace.






I’m Dyana Juby and I’m your bargaining committee member-at-large. My voice is one of my assets. I realize that there’s a need for a voice in the workplace, so I want to be able to mobilize members and speak against the injustices we are currently facing. Our job security is at risk, because we’re being replaced by untrained homecare workers. As homecare becomes more prevalent, we need to put pieces in place in our collective agreement so that experienced workers can continue providing the best care our clients deserve.

I’m close to retirement, so I’m stepping up to the plate and making an impact at both the company and government levels for the well-being of my patients and the betterment of young workers.

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