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Take Action For Pay Equity At Bluewater Health

For many years, SEIU Healthcare has attempted to work with Bluewater Health to negotiate a pay equity plan in order to comply with the Pay Equity Act. Negotiations began in 2005, and the majority of the pay equity process was completed from 2005-2010, but the process was interrupted by litigation until 2014. In 2016, the parties met regularly and came close to completing the pay equity plan. Since then, Bluewater Health has used stall tactics, cancelled meetings, and even claimed impasse while refusing to negotiate with us. SEIU Healthcare has made many attempts to convince Bluewater to resume the pay equity process.

Recently, SEIU Healthcare filed an application for Review Services with the Pay Equity Commission. We are hopeful that a Review Officer will be assigned by the Commission to assist the parties in completing the pay equity plan.

We are asking SEIU Healthcare members and supporters to participate in our campaign to call on Bluewater Health to resume the pay equity process and complete the pay equity plan.

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