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Black History Month: Celebrating Sharon Campbell-Brown

Sharon Campbell-Brown has been working at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre for over 23 years as a secretary in various hospital locations.

Sharon started her career in 1982, as the host for the Reggae Music Awards. This opportunity introduced her to the wonderful world of radio and broadcasting. In 1993, she produced and starred in the first-ever Caribbean talk show called Pepper Pot. What made Sharon stand apart from other radio broadcasters was her ability to ask tough questions and really getting to know her community. She made appearances on The Cutting Edge featured every Sunday on 105.5 radio where she hosted an array of talent in the community through spoken word programs and interviews. During these programs, she highlighted important issues within the black community.

Community outreach and involvement have always been a priority for Sharon. She enjoys the opportunities she has had to volunteer and help the youth through reading programs and education. For the past 20 years, she has volunteered her time and services to talented group of professionals of St. Thomas Healthcare Organization. They prioritize their work to providing professional eyecare, glasses, and examination to underprivileged locals living in the West Indies. The organization co-ordinates a yearly Easter Brunch that Sharon has provided food, catering, and decor services. Sharon has also devoted 20 years to volunteering at Jamaica Day, an annual event that provides Jamaican-Canadian diaspora with an opportunity to experience the elegance that is Jamaican culture at its finest with food, entertainment, cultural
traditions, music, and more. As well, her hard-work over the last 15 years has allowed Sharon to grow and establish Shabro Catering and Decorating Services alongside her business partner Jenice Scott-Bryan.

As a current member of the Jamaican Canadian Association and the Black Star Movement Association, she feels privileged to work alongside a group of passionately motivated people who work diligently on highlighting Black Unsung Heroes within our community. The heroes who have dedicated their lives and careers to being stellar examples of Black Excellence. Sharon feels deeply honoured when she takes a moment to reflect on everything she has been
blessed to accomplish.

“It is a proud privilege to have played a small fraction of a role in helping to shape our history in ways that I hope to live on and on forever,” says Sharon.

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